5 Creative Digital Menu Board Ideas For Restaurants

Digital Menu Board

Creative Digital Menu Board Ideas For Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, it’s very challenging to keep up with a good sale rate, especially during the prime time of lunch and dinner. Here is where digital menu boards play a substantial role. Digital menu boards make ordering food faster and easier. They are often utilized in restaurants that follow the quick service restaurant format (QSR). People stand in a queue and wait for their turn to order, and the order is sent to them once they take a seat, instead of the traditional format, which involves customer table service. Let us walk you through creating the perfect digital menu board to increase your sales. Here are five unique and creative digital menu ideas.

Use Aesthetic Food Imagery

The primary purpose of Digital menu boards is to highlight and catch people’s gaze by aesthetic and rich food photography. Running HD quality videos and animations makes people crave that particular item. When your most delicious and pricey food item is put up on a digital board, it captures customers’ attention a lot more than compared to stationary boards or leaflet menus. Moreover, it would help to ensure that your food photography is not only visually appealing but also protected with appropriate photography insurance. Investing in high-quality, aesthetic food imagery is a step toward enticing your customers. However, safeguarding these valuable assets is equally essential.

Readable Font Size

One cannot emphasize enough how simple yet essential the readability of your menu is. Customers must be able to read your menu from afar so that by the time their turn arrives, they have in mind exactly what they wish to order. Creating digital menu boards with clear and large attractive fonts will make customers ordering experience easy. It also drastically decreases wait time, increases revenue, and keeps customers happy and moving.

Getting digital menu boards explicitly designed to match your wants by professionals is the best decision you will make for your eatery. RSS service provides large-format digital displays to keep pace with changing technology and branding trends.

Usage Of Call-Outs

When displaying a food item, pair it with multiple other food options that can be ordered along with it and keep your call-outs precise and described with brief detail.

Different Colors for Different Categories

Have fun creating your digital menu board and categorize your menu into different tastes. This way, it becomes convenient for people to make quick selections. Organize your digital board and choose different colors to classify the different types of eatables. Use eye-catchy animations and transitions.

Place High Selling Products from Left to Right on Your Digital Menu

People tend to read and look at any text or menu, starting left to right and then again right to left to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Place your valuable deals and pricy specials on the left side of the digital board and the correct display items that are sure to be bought or are daily sellers. This menu format can influence your customer’s order in your favor.

In today’s advanced era of technology, don’t let your restaurant look outdated. Digitalization has made things easy. In terms of digital menus, ordering has become brief as they are designed to make food items stand out and enticing enough for customers to decide what they crave by just skimming through them.

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