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Anti-Spam Policy

Email and Prohibited Content

This policy is applicable to the LiteTrade Limited website ( usage. If it is discovered that our regulations have been violated at any time, we may, at our discretion, as concluded by LiteTrade Limited, notify you, suspend or terminate your account. Please note that, according to the Terms of Use of LiteTrade Limited, this policy can be modified at any time. You ought to review the updates and be subjected to this policy.

Email Requirements

There is a policy of SPAM / UCE (unsolicited commercial e-mail) with a zero tolerance in LiteTrade Limited. Therefore all e-mail recipients should have access to the mailing list, or otherwise give permission to receive notifications from you as the sender.

You must ensure that your e-mail messages related to your surveys do not cause a number of complaints about spam. If LiteTrade Limited detects that your level of complaints about spam or bounce rate is higher than in industry standards, the company has the right, in its sole discretion, to stem or terminate your account. If you receive a low response rate, high levels of abuse or high failure rates, we can demand additional information about your mailing lists to study and strive for solving the problem.

It is your responsibility for the publication of false votes or misinformation on public forums or any rating sites, unless you have previously applied to us.

Any violation of this agreement as a whole or of individual items can provoke the suspension of the current account.