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Main activities

You invest, we offer

Crypto currency trading, particularly bitcoin and litecoin, is one of the central vectors of activity. Providing the proper organization of work, the high volatility of the crypto currency rate provides a high return. The point is simple - you invest for a specific term at the end of which you get back the body of the deposit along with the profit. There is no trading on weekends and holidays.

Period Total Return Min Deposit Max Deposit
6 business days 110,00 % 0,0500 BTC 1,0000 BTC Invest
11 business days 122,00 % 0,0250 BTC 2,0000 BTC Invest
16 business days Popular 136,00 % 0,0100 BTC 5,0000 BTC Invest
21 business days Recommended 152,00 % 0,0075 BTC 10,0000 BTC Invest
26 business days 170,00 % 0,0050 BTC 20,0000 BTC Invest
31 business days Profitable 190,00 % 0,0025 BTC 50,0000 BTC Invest

Equipment for mining is a generator of daily profit where you don't have to leave the house to get it. We cooperate with the equipment manufacturers along with we implement our own development of ASIC-miners in order to achieve the greatest efficiency at the lowest energy costs. Investment in mining is the rental of equipment and the possibility of steady income every day for a month.

Period Daily Profit Total Return Min Deposit Max Deposit
30 calendar days 4.00 % 120,00 % 0,0010 BTC 0,0100 BTC Invest
30 calendar days 4.20 % 126,00 % 0,0101 BTC 0,1000 BTC Invest
30 calendar days Popular 4,40 % 132,00 % 0,1001 BTC 1,0000 BTC Invest
30 calendar days Recommended 4,60 % 138,00 % 1,0001 BTC 3,0000 BTC Invest
30 calendar days 4,80 % 144,00 % 3,0001 BTC 5,0000 BTC Invest
30 calendar days Profitable 5,00 % 150,00 % 5,0001 BTC 50,0000 BTC Invest

Our goal is stable growth, development and assistance in developing of promising start-ups. Our contributions are aimed at development of equipment for mining and creating an entirely new own crypto currency and ICO. You make long-term investments, we're working to maximize profit.

Period Total Return Min Deposit Max Deposit
90 calendar days 300,00 % 0,0025 BTC 10,0000 BTC Invest
180 calendar days 800,00 % 0,0020 BTC 20,0000 BTC Invest
270 calendar days Popular 1500,00 % 0,0015 BTC 50,0000 BTC Invest
360 calendar days Profitable 2400,00 % 0,0010 BTC 100,0000 BTC Invest

about litetrade limited

New generation investment company

Our company is a new generation investment one. In 2017, experienced traders and financiers united into a completely new investment company LiteTrade Limited.

The main goal is not just to join with the world crypto revolution, but to become a significant part of the system of decentralized financial flows.

Choose the best investment package and become a part of our team. Together we adapt in a new era and succeed!

Company number 11115088


Company statistics


Authorized capital 500.000000 BTC
Total investment 91.594689 BTC
Number of investors 2145

Date information

Started Feb 26, 2018
Running days 146
Last update Jul 22, 2018

Withdraw & bonuses

Total withdraw 6.903420 BTC
Bounty bonuses 0.055200 BTC
Refferal bonuses 2.747841 BTC

Last Investments

D###on15091992 0.007500 BTC
p###fis 3198.00 USD
Y###ochka 3.104000 BCH
P###rovich 57.00 USD
a###ankov 3.235000 ETH
e###naelena 3000.00 USD
X###MAN 9.416000 DASH
E###liya23 3.460000 BCH
t###encearaujo 35.00 USD


Cooperation programs

Referral program

Referral program. Involve new investors and get an additional income. The global partner network is one of the strategic goals of the company.

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Bounty-program is an opportunity to get Bitcoins for free by performing simple actions aimed at popularizing the platform. You must fulfill the required conditions.

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Career with us

Career with us. Are you an experienced trader and you already have a cohesive team? You can provide customers consulting support. Send your CV, we are waiting for you!

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Basic principles of our company

  • Innovation

    Innovation is the most prospective business directions. You can do traditional activities, get a stable profit, but today a breakthrough and growth is possible only in the field of innovation. Confirmation of that is the successful development of Internet technologies, social networks and crypto currency. Our main goal is to search for the new technologies and invest in them, as well as the use of the latest organizational practices in managing labor resources. We see what others don't want to see, and we make profit for ourselves and our investors.

  • Analytics

    Analytics is the only way to assess the situation on the market of crypto-currencies and investments adequately. Only the constant monitoring and comprehensive analysis of statistical data allow you to evaluate the current state of affairs, calculate event patterns, predict forecasts and make a decision with minimal risks for all members of the movement.

  • Transparency

    Litetrade Limited is registrated in the UK (registration number #11115088). It's a public information, because one of our main principles is a clarity in everything. Working with us on the referral program, in reaching a certain status, you get an investment contract. And coming out to the level of leading investors, you become an owner of the company share certificate.

  • People

    Whatever the modern technology, the main driving force is people and their trust. With a team of like-minded people, we are sure in success of each innovative project, and, of course, in its profitability. Develop your business with us! Our support team is always ready to help you. Ask questions, make suggestions, and together we will certainly implement the best project in life!

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Last news

DASH cryptocurrency is added

May 7, 2018

Only during the last year the price of this cryptocurrency has grown more than 10 times, that's why experts consider such investment to be one of the most profitable. Our company does not stop there: we plan to expand the portfolio of available currencies to ensure the most comfortable work on our platform.

Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency...

Apr 24, 2018

Now you have the opportunity to make deposits and withdraw funds in Bitcoin Cash, which today are one of the most promising areas of investment. You can get an excellent profit with Litetrade!

The platform Litetrade.org ...

Apr 20, 2018

There’re more than 1000 active participants. We launched an promo video in 3 available languages ​​and updated our bounty program. Shoot your video about creating an investment and get a 20% bonus to this investment.